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We might click, we might not, but the first step is to know each other. Find out what qualities we want in you.

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We might click, we might not. But first, you might wanna click the “job descriptions”, as they officially say, below. There you’ll find everything we’re looking for. Hey, maybe even you’re the next digital narrator we’re looking for. Who knows? We will, in a bit. Give us a sign.

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Front-End Developer

  • Full-time
  • Timisoara, Romania

By now, maybe you already know that for us Development is writing the brand’s story. With lines of code. So, you have to know to “write”. But, for us, it’s more important to know to read...how the design actually gets implemented on the web.

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Full-Stack Developer

  • Full-time
  • Timisoara, Romania

Do we have your full attention? Good, ‘cause you look just like our next Full-stack Developer. If you’re fully into development and you think you can handle all Front and Back-end good stuff you’ll be fully in.

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Graphic Designer

  • Full-time
  • Timisoara, Romania

For us, Design is narrating the brand’s story, the one that Front-end and Back-end Developers beautifully wrote. You might already have known that. Narrating it with shapes, colors, textures, you name it, you choose it. The graphic design world is yours!

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UI / UX Designer

  • Full-time
  • Timisoara, Romania

This is the last repetition (you’ll see here): Design is, for us, narrating the brand’s story. As a UI/UX Designer you’ll have to do so by deciding the interface’s both looks and brains. Oh, and you’ll also have to know to raft, as this is an adventure, even a (competitive) sport.

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