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We are digital narrators

We are enovatika and we are... who we are. A team in love with numbers and stories. We truly believe that a good brand is driven by data, but a great brand is driven by a story. Its story. Your story. And we are here to write it, using code, and to narrate it, using design.

So, you could tell we are developers. And you could also tell we are designers. But we are more than that. We are digital narrators.
We are enovatika. With ❤ from Timisoara.

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Meet the team

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Alin Vacian

UI/UX Designer and Founder

How is Alin at work? Like this: if his breakfast is a sandwich of color theory and his lunch a stir-fried style guide, by the time he gets to a souffle-component behavior dinner he is ready to dream of tomorrow’s cooking. Yes, Alin is like that!

He thinks he is: Creative, Thinking ahead, Amateur admirer of Unicorns

enovatika ❤ Alin Vacian

Alex Zmed

Front-End Web Developer

How is Alex at work? Like this: Alex started working in React after 2 weeks of online self-training. After two months he deepened his knowledge and enjoys challenging big React tasks. Yes, Alex is like that!

He thinks he is: Front-end enthusiast, Adaptable, Professional   remover

enovatika ❤ Alex Zmed

Andreea Ghiura

UI/UX Designer

How is Andreea at work? Like this: 6 years ago she found her passion for art and started painting. This is how she fell in love with colors. Since then, she found herself in pursuit of a domain where she could apply what she’s so passionate about and it looks like she found it: it’s Design! Yes, Andreea is like that!

She thinks she is: Hard-Working, Believer in Being Honest, Acting with Integrity

enovatika ❤ Andreea Ghiura

Valentin Keleti

UI/UX Designer / Graphic Designer

How is Valentin at work? Like this: since he was a child, he was interested in art. No wonder he has playdates with creativity every single day of his adult life. He’s practicing design (and everything related) for 12 years now, and he’s doing it with the same enthusiasm. Yes, Valentin is like that!

He thinks he is: Creative, Innovative, Conscientious

enovatika ❤ Valentin Keleti

Sebastian Vacian

Back-End Developer

How is Sebastian at work? Like this: since his childhood, he (trully) loved technology and dreamed of using it one day to create software that would help everyone in need. In his case, the dream came true. Yes, Sebastian is like that!

He thinks he is: Curious, Competitive, Pragmatic

enovatika ❤ Sebastian Vacian

Petra Ole

Graphic Designer

How is Petra at work? Like this: she has a crush on all things aesthetically pleasing and a strong desire to evolve. Is it the attention to detail that made her the perfectionist she is today? Maybe. All we know (from her) is that she was drawn to drawing since... ever. Yes, Petra is like that!

She thinks she is: Passionate, Fast Learner, Day Dreamer

enovatika ❤ Petra Ole

Alex Brad

UI/UX Designer / Graphic Designer

How is Alex at work? Sir Ask-a-lot, Alex would be, somewhere in a forest far, far away, the only talking badger and one of the most curious badgers you’d ever meet. He’s determined to always do things better, so what he does best is research, research, research. Yes, Alex is like that!

He thinks he is: Socrates Impersonator, Chess Adept, Pixel Art Fan

enovatika ❤ Alex Brad

Simona Hui

Office Manager

How is Simona at work? Focused, concentrated and attentive. Yes, it’s the same, we know. OK, and nice, warm hearted and empathic. She likes people, although sometimes she’s chasing fairy tales. Other times, bees chase her, as she has an apiary. Yes, Simona is like that!

She (thinks she) is: Perfectly Balanced, Calm, did we say Focused?

enovatika ❤ Simona Hui

digitales logoAn in-the-making brand fostered by DigiTales, a blooming tech comm agency.

Why would you
choose us?

Normally, we would be tempted to communicate a (long) list of benefits. We have to talk about the “product”, after all (the product being us). But ultimately, what we say about us has little to do with whether or not you’ll choose us, our services. So, instead, we’ll tell you a little story.

Two years ago we had a dream. And that dream didn’t stop at a paper plane. We didn’t stop. We wanted to build a rocket. Today the rocket is launched. Its name is enovatika and it could land in your courtyard.

So, what does that say about us?

Again, we could make a bulleted list with this and that, but all we want you to know and remember about us is that we are passionate and our passion is the mountains moving kind. Oh, well, or rockets.

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