What you see is what we did: the brand’s visual identity. We hope you like who Caminota is.

  • Country : Romania
  • Industry : Construction
  • Service : Branding, Web Development, Web Design
Caminota enovatika project

Caminota is...no, you didn’t guess, it is clay-based interior plaster. Basically, it is sustainable clothing for the walls of your home. Interesting, right? On top of that, Caminota is produced and distributed in Romania (feeling proud) by a team of specialists in materials from renewable sources. Music to our ears!

What does enovatika have to do with? Well, let’s say enovatika was clothing for Caminota’s identity. 🙃 Meaning, we created and launched the brand. We also built the website and did all the hard and great work behind the scenes. And we worked on “ahead the scenes”, on the appearance and layout. And we liked it!

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